Sentimental Ways for a Recently Lost Loved One to Live On

Losing a loved one is a life event that truly lasts forever. Creating sentimental ways for your lost loved one to live on is a meaningful way to make the memories carry on and stand the test of time. There are many creative and simple ways to do this. Today Ascension Funeral Group will give you a few sentimental ways to help the memories of your lost loved one live on.

Plant a memorial garden
Planting a memorial garden is a lovely way to help the memory of a lost loved one live on. In gardening you have the choice to plant annuals or perennials. Planting perennials is a good choice for a memorial garden. These types of plants and flowers return year after year. A memorial garden needs not be complicated nor time consuming. You can simply choose a few types of plants or flowers that perhaps your lost loved one enjoyed or that remind you of certain times you spent together on trips or during certain seasons. Plant these choices where you can enjoy their beauty regularly.

Special places for ashes
If your loved one was cremated choosing a sentimental place to scatter their ashes can be a powerful memorial to them. Where to scatter ashes is a deeply personal decision and is solely up to the family. Consider your loved one’s hobbies, favorite places they visited or even perhaps places they wanted to see but were never able to. All of these can lead you to a place to scatter ashes that speaks to the individual they were. Many families choose to scatter ashes into the ocean, along a golf course, a hunting grounds, or to scatter a portion onto a location and keep the remaining portion in a personally chosen urn in their home.

Creating Keepsakes
Creating a keepsake either by yourself or along with your close family members is another sentimental way to help your lost loved one live on. There are numerous DIY projects for skill levels from beginner to advanced. For beginners you may choose something as simple as a snow globe. Take a glass container, fill it with small objects of your lost loved one and a water solution and mount to a small piece of wood. Some examples are buttons from a favorite cardigan sweater or pieces of small jewelry. This is a project that is easily done with children of all ages as well. Creating a shadowbox is another simple project with lasting appreciation. Purchase a shadow box from a local craft store. Sort through unique belongings of your lost loved one. Think event tickets, vacation postcards, a favorite ink pen. The possibilities are endless. Then, mount these objects inside the shadow box and display table top or on the wall. For more advanced crafters, hand making a coffee table keepsake box, which to fill with personal items is a meaningful and appreciated project. Finally, for all levels, creating scrapbooks is a project that can be done in a weekend and include photos, memorabilia and more.



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