The Truth About Cremations In Mobile, AL

As cremation has become more mainstream in the last generation or two, people are becoming comfortable with the many nuances of this decision for end-of-life care. As more people make this choice, the services are evolving. In the late 1900s about 23% of deaths in the United States ended with cremation. However, that number is steadily increasing, and in 2010, it was already over 36%, with a projection creeping close to 44% by 2025. Not only are people opting for this choice, but society as a whole is embracing it, and funeral providers are making it easier for everyone involved.

Only a few years ago, the cremation of a loved one seemed harsh and austere. There were few funeral homes who offered these services, and closure for those left behind was difficult. Today, things are changing rapidly, and the only difference you may see is where the body is laid to rest. Funeral services and viewings are carried out in the same manner as when a body is buried, and indeed, you may even see the body of your loved one in repose in a casket, looking very much the same as a traditional burial. Visitation may include video displays and audio recordings. The funeral service can be done in accordance with the last wishes of the deceased and their family members.

After the services, the body is cremated, but the choices don’t end here. Now, there are many ways to handle the “cremains.” You may wish to bury them in a traditional manner and there are many local areas available for interment of cremated remains, and we can give you lists of beautiful sites from which to make your choice.

Your loved one may wish to have their remains scattered in a special place. Whether you take a biodegradable urn for this purpose, or simply scatter the ashes, there are beautiful urns for this purpose. This can be done privately, or it can be a family affair. It can even be the opportunity for a memorial service, with those attending sharing memories, saying goodbye, and sharing a moment of reflection.

Before burial or scattering, you may decide to have some of the remains set aside for memorial purposes. Friends and relatives far away may wish to have a small piece of this person close to them. This is becoming more and more common. There is a myriad of beautiful ways to do this. Urn jewelry is beautiful, and especially comforting. Many women opt to keep their loved one close to their heart in a necklace.

Another option is Cremation Glass, a globe, heart, flame, or sphere, blown with the remains swirled into the colorful orb. As the glass is blown at higher temperatures than the cremation process occurs at, the carbon in the remains is burned off, creating a brilliant white color. There are many gorgeous designs available.

If you are financially able, you may choose to have the remains sent into space. This new option is quite costly, but it may be something to consider.

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