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What You Should Know About Scattering Your Loved One’s Ashes

What You Should Know About Scattering Your Loved One's Ashes

Cremation seems to be a growing trend. There are multiple reasons for this. Mobility, cost, emotional detachment to burial, and traveling with deceased mate’s remains on a memorial journey are among the leading reasons. Although this option is growing exponentially, very little is still known about it. Let’s explore some of the essentials – what you need to know about cremation.


Cremation is More Affordable Than Burials


In 2016 the average burial cost nationwide was around $7,000. The average cremation cost was $3,200. The initial costs, however, are only a fragment of the overall costs that a family incurred during the burial process. In a mobile society like the U.S., many families have to pay for transportation of the body as well as other fringe expenses that they had no idea was coming.


Cremation Has Become More Personal and Private


Traditional funeral service with large gatherings, lines of cars, a hearse, and scores of floral arrangements are slowly becoming a relic of a bygone generation. Cremation gives family members the opportunity to create a more intimate setting with their loved one’s remains. Some people travel to a far off destination. Others go waterside and sprinkle the ashes into the sea. Whatever the case, carrying a small urn with ashes affords people the opportunity to conduct a private and personal memorial.


Cremation Must be Performed Legally


In the United States it is illegal to burn a body – even a dead one. All cremations have to be performed by a licensed and certified specialist. In most cases a licensed funeral home will have the facilities necessary to perform a cremation. Family and chosen guests are generally allowed to witness the process (although there is no glass to view it).


You Have Options, So Ask


Cremations are like burials in that youcan decide what additional features are available to you to cremate your loved one. Before moving forward with a cremation, ask your funeral director about all the options, including the most basic, simple one. An honest and reputable funeral home will provide a complete set of choices and pertinent information so that you can make an informed decision.


Are You Taking The Remains Aboard an Airplane?


If you are traveling with the ashes via a commercial airline, then you need to contact the airline first and ask about regulations and guidelines for transporting a person’s remains. If you’re traveling overseas, then you’ll want to do a little research on the laws and regulations regarding bring a person’s ashes into another country. Make sure you have a solid understanding of all the guidelines before stepping onto the plane.



Do You Have Questions?


If you are considering cremation as an option, then the men and women at Ascension Funeral Group can answer any questions you have about the cremation procedure. We understand the importance of everyone’s beliefs and are happy to assist you in honoring your lost loved one’s faith in their passing. If you have any questions or if you are in need of guidance, we welcome you to contact us! Visit, call us anytime at 251-634-8055, or connect with Ascension Funerals Cremations and Forest Lawn Funeral Home on Facebook.