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Natural Burials

natural burial natural burial natural burial natural burial natural burial

Going Green With Natural Burials

A growing number of people are conserving, sustaining, and protecting the earth by returning to it naturally with simple rites in an old, traditional way. A modern natural burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to existing funeral practices where the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled into new life. Natural burial signifies our final statement as a reflection of our ecological values.

Ascension Funerals and Cremations and Spring Hill Memorial Gardens offer natural burial services to include public or non-visitation services. Our natural burial procedure involves preparation of the body without embalming or embalming with formaldehyde-free products and placing the body in a simple, wooden casket containing no man-made materials. A natural burial gravesite is prepared without the use of a burial vault and interment takes place in the Garden of Oaks located within Spring Hill Memorial Gardens, a perpetual care cemetery. Cremated remains may also be interred as long as the urn is bio-degradable. The gravesite is memorialized with an engraved granite headstone. Depending upon the services and merchandise selected, the expense of a natural burial can cost substantially less than the expense of a conventional funeral service.

A natural burial in the Garden of Oaks at Spring Hill Memorial Gardens is an earth-friendly option that allows nature to take its course.

If you choose to have a natural burial, you may still keep your personal values and have the service of your choice.