The Complete Guide to Funeral Flower Arrangements

You have been notified of a friend’s passing, and although you plan to attend the services, you would like to send flowers. As you pick up the phone to call the florist, you aren’t too sure what to send. If you have ever wondered about the etiquette regarding the flowers sent to an end of life ceremony, we are going to unravel the mystery for you. These simple guidelines will help Guide to funeral flower arrangementsyou make the appropriate choices.

The first consideration is whether the family’s religious preferences would prohibit the sending of flowers. Jewish families, for instance, do not use flowers as part of the ceremonial sequencing. If in doubt, ask.

In some cases, there may be a request that a donation be given in lieu of flowers. Although some people do both, you may make the final decision, with the family’s request in mind.

Typically, the closest family members order a spray of flowers to cover the casket. This usually has a very sentimental flair, and may connote activities of importance, such as sports or the person’s faith. It may contain their favorite flower and/or color. This arrangement is usually the one that family takes a flower from if they choose to, as a remembrance. It is left at the cemetery to be placed over the burial site.

Standing arrangements are displayed around the room. These may be baskets, vases, wreaths, or other creative designs. They may be on tiered stands, on the floor, or on easels. These are often designated to be taken home by a living relative or friend. These may be real flowers, silk flowers, or a combination. These are often sent by friends of the family and co-workers. They may represent a special quality, such as being an outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, butterfly collector, chef, doctor, or teacher.

Cut flowers of any variety may be used, and color and scent may or may not be important. There may be a memory associated, or a special bond recreated by a certain flower, so feel free to add them to the arrangement, whether they are typical of the occasion or not. Roses of all colors, lilies, gladioli, and carnations are common and they seem to stay fresh for a few days. There are also meanings associated with some flowers and colors which may be helpful when selecting your bouquet.

Roses are designated meaning by color. Yellow means loyalty, red: true love, and pink symbolizes gentleness. Ivy signifies loyalty, as well, and the Lily of the Valley denotes happiness.

The sending of an arrangement is a deeply personal gesture, and should correlate to your relationship with that person, and the memories you shared with them. Take the time to give thought to what your relationship signified, and the way you engaged in time spent together. As the family finds comfort in all of these condolences, they will find assurance that the love they had for their family member was shared by many who surrounded them. In this way, they know that they are not alone, and their loved one will be missed by many.

For help with the flower arrangements and all other aspects of your ceremony of life, our caring staff is here to help.



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